Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation accelerates commercialisation of innovation by firms in New Zealand.

We have the talent, resources, knowledge and connections to help businesses turn ideas into internationally marketable products and services more quickly and successfully.

We give businesses a single front door to the innovation system, working in partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, economic development agencies, business incubators, universities, polytechnics, CRIs , the venture capital community and industry associations.

We also offer extensive Research and Technical Services (RTS) to businesses in the high-tech manufacturing and services sector through both our world-class facilities and the skills and knowledge of our engineers, technologists, designers and scientists.

Our priorities

  • We provide research and technical services to support near-to-market innovation by firms
  • We award and administer R&D grants to firms
  • We support and coordinate national technology networks in high priority areas of science, engineering, technology and design
  • We assist firms to develop skills and expertise to successfully take ideas to market
  • We foster a culture of innovation and build excitement about business growth potential among current and future business leaders

Our services for firms

Callaghan Innovation has a range of services and support for businesses that, as a new organisation we will continue to build over time. The focus of our services is to encourage and support businesses to turn their ideas into new products and services faster, and to connect them to the skills, resources and funding they need from concept through to commercialisation. This includes:

Research and technical services supporting near-to-market innovation

Our research and technical services help businesses take ideas through to commercialisation – whether it be developing a new product or improving a manufacturing process to make products more competitive. Over time, our focus is on providing:

  • Expertise in product development processes and procedures, including project management
  • Customised product development assistance to solve specific process or product-related problems
  • Expertise on regulations and compliance for different types of products in foreign markets
  • Machine shop and workshop facilities to create prototype products and evaluate manufacturing equipment
  • Testing and failure analysis services to assess performance issues with products or components
  • Pilot plant facilities to help scale up manufacturing, from prototype to production
  • Open lab services giving direct access to technical specialists, equipment, services and advice

Connecting businesses to resources and support

We are progressively rolling out tools and programmes to link up New Zealand’s innovation expertise and resources and to help businesses access the support they need. This includes:

  • Grants to help make R&D investment affordable for businesses and to support students to work in R&D environments
  • Access to technology expertise, whether it is within Callaghan Innovation, the wider New Zealand innovation system, or overseas
  • Access to training, including “Better by” programmes run by Callaghan Innovation and NZTE, and the best training programmes at other organisations in New Zealand and internationally
  • Access to talent, including helping firms to connect with and recruit the talent they need and to build the pool of talent available, for example through internships, mentoring programmes and curriculum development
  • Access to markets, working closely with NZTE to ensure firms can access the knowledge they need about potential markets and competition for their products and services
  • Access to capital, including information and advice on sources of capital and pitching to investors

Motivating New Zealanders to innovate more

Part of our role is to create more interest in commercialising our ideas in New Zealand. Our focus is on providing information, support, opportunities and resources for:

  • Today’s innovators: entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders – for example, through innovation events and forums, site visits and tours
  • Tomorrow’s innovators: young people from primary school through to tertiary institutions – for example, through the internships, sponsorships and career advice. Callaghan Innovation also funds Futureintech, an initiative run by IPENZ that promotes technology, engineering and science careers in schools through its network of early career ‘Futureintech Ambassadors’ and range of web and print resources designed for students, teachers and career advisors.

We do this in partnership with others in the innovation and education sectors.