Resistance Gene and Uses Thereof

Resistance Gene and Uses Thereof

An isolated polynucleotide that encodes a polypeptide of a specific sequence (or a fragment/variant thereof) that confers resistance to powdery mildew in a plant (apple). : In New Zealand and Australia this includes genes with at least 70% identity to the described sequences from apple. In the US this has been narrowed to 95% variants of those sequences. Our European examination has restricted the resistance polypeptides to those in Rosaceae only. The scientists indicate that the narrower scope remains commercially viable as the polypeptides of interest all fall within this scope.

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PCT and National Phases
Country Application or Grant Number Status
Europe 8844681 Pending
Canada 2008319517 Granted
United States 12/740318 Pending
Chile 3239-2008 Pending
Australia 2008319517 Granted
Argentina P 08 01 04784 Pending
New Zealand 563032 / 571416 Granted