Abby Buchanan

Abby Buchanan

Job Title

Assistant Commercialisation Manager


I started working at Viclink in 2009 as an intern whilst finishing my BA. I then studied part time and worked full time at Grow Wellington as the internships and tertiary engagement manager. During my time at Grow Wellington I became passionate about IP and business development – particularly the legal aspects involved in developing a start-up business. I decided I needed to finish my law degree off faster than what I could do working full time so I left Grow Wellington and am now working back at Viclink part time as the assistant commercialisation manager. Part of my role at Viclink is to help increase business/tertiary engagement at VUW, the other part is to help commercialise VUW IP. I have focused my law degree on IP, commercial and employment law, and will have this completed in June 2013.

  • Building relationships between businesses and academics at VUW
  • Policy analysis and writing
  • IP law
  • Employment law
  • Commercial law