Alan Dixson

Alan Dixson

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My main research area is the Evolution of Primate Reproduction: Studies of sexual selection continue to provide novel insights into the evolution of sexual dimorphism and secondary sexual traits, as well as reproductive anatomy, physiology and behaviour. Comparative studies of the lemurs, monkeys and apes are also valuable in helping us to understand the evolution of human morphology and sexuality. The absence of a fossil record of sexual behaviour is thus not a cause for despair: a huge amount remains to be learned from comparative studies of extant mammalian species. A multidisciplinary approach is required, making use of knowledge from across the biological sciences, and a willingness to explore reproduction at all levels, from molecular biology and gamete biology to work on whole organisms, and mating systems

  • Human Reproduction, Evolution and Sexuality
  • Sexual Selection and the Origins of Human Mating Systems
  • Primate Sexuality
  • Paternity in Primates, Genetic Tests and Theories
  • The Natural History of the Gorilla