Andrew Charleson

Andrew Charleson

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Associate Professor


My book Structure as Architecture: a source book for architects and structural engineers was published by Elsevier in 2005 but is now out of print. Currently, I am working on a Second Edition which involves re-orientating the book towards the design aspirations of architects. Research is underway on several new chapters that explore how structure can help express frequently valued contemporary architectural concepts and qualities. For example, one chapter investigates how structure does, and could, contribute to conveying ideas somewhere on the spectra of order – chaos, stability – instability, static – dynamic and grounded – floating. Seismic isolation of buildings is a long-standing interest. I am working with a colleague from the University of Mendoza, Argentina, on a book for architects that will cover all relevant aspects of this technology. As far as low-cost housing is concerned, my research focuses on reinforcing adobe houses with straps cut from the treads of used car tyres. The findings from this research have been written up as a construction manual. It, and videos of full-scale testing, can be seen at The next step in the project is to arrange a pilot project, where the technology can be applied in a developing country that is seismically active and uses adobe house construction, like Peru and many other countries.

  • Relationship between structure of buildings and their architecture
  • Earthquake engineering and architecture
  • Earthquake damage mitigation in developing countries
  • The re-use of materials for sustainable building
  • Building materials use and forms of structural systems used in contemporary architecture
  • Seismic performance of low cost housing in developing countries