David Pearce

David Pearce

Job Title

Senior Lecturer


Having moved from Imperial College London to Victoria University (Wellington, NZ) in 2004, I'm now enjoying life in New Zealand! At Imperial College, I was a PhD student in the department of Computing. My thesis topic was on pointer analysis, although this lead me in some interesting and alternative directions. Pointer analysis is the problem of determining what the pointer variables in a program may point to without running it. Thus, it is a form of static analysis and an increasingly important component of compilers and program understanding tools. My current research interests focus around the issues of improving software quality. In particular, using advanced compiler technologies to automatically find errors in programs. Finally, my other interests include: programming language design, Tutte polynomials and graph algorithms. I have recently developed a new state-of-the-art programming language called Whiley, which performs compile-time checking of constraints. Please visit the Whiley web site for more information on this programming language.

  • Engineering technology
  • Programming languages
  • Program analysis