Deliang Zhang

Deliang Zhang

Job Title

Professor, Materials and Process Engineering


One of Deliang's key aims as a researcher is for the research his group is performing around materials and material processing technologies to be used in industry. He hopes to continue to achieve publications in top international journals and to provide a world-class environment and equipment for postgraduate students.

Some of the most interesting work he has been focussing on is titanium powder consolidation work. His short term goal is to proceed with small scale production of a few titanium alloy products using the powder consolidation processes his research team has developed

Deliang's previous engagements with WaikatoLink have led to the establishment of a spin-out company Titanox, currently producing kilogram amounts of titanium aluminide based alloy powders. He has had several successful patent applications which have founded the basis for his research platform.

  • Processing and mechanical properties of light metallic materials, especially titanium based alloys, intermetallic compounds and metal-ceramic composites
  • Synthesis and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials
  • Solidification and casting of aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys
  • Powder processing and consolidation
  • Phase Transformations