Doug Eckery

Doug Eckery

Job Title

Associate Professor


My research interests are in reproductive biology and are focused in three areas:

  1. ovarian development determining the lineages of cells that comprise the ovary and the interactions between germ cells and somatic cells;
  2. local control of follicular growth elucidating the mechanisms involved in the selection of follicles for ovulation, particularly the role of the oocyte; and
  3. interaction between the pituitary gland and ovaries determining how the secretion of pituitary hormones (e.g. FSH, LH, Prl) is regulated and their actions on different cell types in the ovary.

I am also involved in research aimed at the development of methods for the biological control of possums and I played a key role in the establishment of the National Research Centre for Possum Biocontrol. Within the centre, a multi-stranded approach is being undertaken that includes the development of both direct acting and immune-based controls and methods for their delivery. Work in my lab is currently focused on identifying new targets for fertility control that may be unique to possums and the development of hormone-toxin conjugates that can be used as direct acting, non-transmissible reagents to cause permanent sterility.

  • Ovarian development
  • Biological control
  • Fertility control