Elaine Rush

Elaine Rush

Job Title

Professor of Nutrition


Professor Elaine Rush has dedicated 30 years of scientific enquiry at the cutting edge of health and education. Currently, as Professor of Nutrition at AUT her work is centred on the prevention of chronic disease across the lifecycle. An internationally recognised research leader with expertise in nutrition, energy expenditure, physical activity and the measurement of body composition, Elaine is a champion for the multi-ethnic communities she works with. She is a principal investigator with GRAVIDA, national centre for growth and development, a government-funded Centre of Research Excellence. Elaine has served as the New Zealand representative for the International Association for the Study of Obesity, an expert consultant for the World Health Organisation and the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency in Nutrition and Health (1999-present). She is also the Scientific Director of the New Zealand Nutrition.


Elaine has research expertise in the measurement of body composition, energy expenditure, physical activity, nutrition and risk factors for disease. A particular interest in ethnic differences particularly among Maori, Pacific Island, European, Chinese and Indian populations in New Zealand has led to over 100 per reviewed publications.