George Baird

George Baird

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My current research interests fall into six topic areas:

  • Building performance–buildings in general, but with a particular focus on large-scale commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Users’ perceptions of sustainable buildings–in terms of their environmental and operational performance, and their influence on health and productivity.
  • User performance benchmarks–their development and incorporation into Rating Tools for buildings in operation.
  • Low energy design and operation–of commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Internal environments of buildings–thermal, air quality, acoustic and lighting conditions in practice.
  • Sustainable and regenerative systems–their application in building design and retrofit.

I am involved in four major research projects:

  • Case studies investigating the principles and practices of low energy and environmentally sustainable design
  • Field studies of building occupants perceptions on facilities
  • Analysis of the performance of sustainable buildings
  • Development of user performance benchmarks in sustainability rating tools for buildings in operation
  • Environmental engineering systems
  • Sustainable engineering systems