James Carson

James Carson

Job Title

Senior Lecturer


James is inspired by how highly regarded New Zealand refrigeration research is received internationally. One of his greatest achievements has been a publication in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer that's received a prize from the publisher for its number of citings.

Prior to his 6 years at Waikato, James spent 6 years as part of the Food Systems and Technology group at MIRINZ, AgResearch. While at AgResearch he was involved with a number of commercial projects. This included managing the development of a spray-freeze dryer. James' refrigeration expertise places him in an excellent position to collaborate with industry to help optimise refrigeration systems and provide solutions in the space.

James finds the solar heat pump and refrigeration research he is working with Mike Duke on to be some of the most interesting activity he is involved with at the moment.

  • Measurement and prediction of thermo-physical and transport properties
  • Mathematical modelling of thermal processes
  • Refrigeration
  • Food engineering
  • Heat transfer and thermodynamics in general