Johan Verbeek

Johan Verbeek

Job Title

Senior Lecturer


Johan has been with the University of Waikato of 8 years now having previously come from the University of Pretoria. His interest lies mainly in waste and by-product valorisation with an emphasis on renewable materials and biological products. In recent years, we have developed protein-based thermoplastics from bloodmeal. This project has led to the establishment of spin-off company Novatein Ltd which is the process of registering worldwide patents. A New Zealand national patent was granted in 2009. This area covers a wide range of topics, such as polymer extrusion, rheology, material properties, protein analysis, chemical modification of proteins as well as protein composites and nano-composites.

Other topics of biological nature include protein recovery from waste water and recovery and modification of chicken feathers suitable for polymer composites. He also has a strong interest in polymer composites, such as particulate polymer composites and short fibre polymer composites. It is important to him that his work will make a difference to someone and that it's relevant to industry.

  • Using renewable and waste materials to produce polymeric composites
  • Filled and functionally filled polymers; polymer modification and reactive extrusion
  • Biodegradable polymers and the prediction of mechanical properties of polymer composites