John Hine

John Hine

Job Title

Professor, Computer Science


I have been involved in the development of the Internet and research networks for over twenty five years. I led the group that introduced international networking to New Zealand in 1985. Throughout the nineties I was involved in the development of the Internet in New Zealand, the Pacific and internationally. In the late nineties I was on the Board of NetLink, an ISP, and Domainz, the company that initially managed New Zealand's domain name space. In 2000 I chaired a working group that designed the New Zealand DNS Registry System. I am a Fellow of InternetNZ. From 2000 I was part of a working group that eventually led to the development of KAREN (the Kiwi Advanced Research Network). I chaired the Capability Fund Advisory Panel for KAREN. In 2007 I was made a KAREN Fellow. I was Head of the School of Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science from 2004 through 2008 and have been Head of the School of Engineering and Computer Science since 2009. I have been Dean of Engineering since 2008.

  • Computer networks
  • Data management