John Storey

John Storey

Job Title

Associate Professor, Architecture


My research interests focus primarily around the issues of Construction Material Stewardship.

I am one of three international coordinators and the New Zealand national representative of CIB Working Commission W115 Construction Materials Stewardship.

CIB (International Council for Research Innovation in Building and Construction) is an international association providing a global network of organisations and individuals engaged in research. The organisation has over 7,000 experts worldwide, from about 500 organisations, participating in over 50 Working Commissions. CIB W115 has representation and participation in 17 countries worldwide.

W115 aims to maximise positive sustainable financial, social and environmental outcomes through:

  • The drastic reduction of deployment and consumption of new non-renewable construction materials
  • Substitution of non-renewable construction materials with renewable ones whenever possible
  • Achieving equilibrium in the demand and supply of renewable materials and ultimately to restore the renewable resource base.
  • Sustainable technologies for new and existing buildings
  • Sustainable revitalisation of existing buildings
  • Health and well-being of building users
  • Reuse and recycling of building materials, elements and components