Jun Lu

Jun Lu

Job Title

Senior Lecturer


The aims of Jun's research are

  1. to understand the molecular basis of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart and kidney complications associated with obesity and diabetes;
  2. to identify novel targets to treat those diseases;
  3. to find pharmacological treatment based on new targets;
  4. to search for compounds from natural products for the treatment of cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular complications (including renal system) associated with obesity and diabetes;
  5. to synthesise novel compounds based on rational design for the treatment of cancer and cardiac complication of obesity and diabetes;
  6. to discover and develop neutraceutical products with health benefits.

I also have three research hobbies which are:

  1. Use modern biomedical technology to study marine animals (i.e. using MRI technology to study fish hearing structure);
  2. Use bioinformatics tools to study micro-organism in various environmental samples;
  3. Maori and Chinese interactions in New Zealand.

Jun's expertise lies in the following areas:

  1. Pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology, especially drug metabolism and pre-clinical drug testing using animal models and cultured cell lines;
  2. Analytical chemistry, characterisation and quantification of molecules of interest;
  3. Medical imaging using MRI;
  4. Polyamine metabolism and energy metabolism;
  5. Cardiovascular and renal function determination and biomarker identification

Jun's technical expertise including imaging using High-Field MRI and clinical MRI, chemical analysis using HPLC, LC-MS and GC-MS, animal experimentation, in vitro tissue experimentation, molecular biology technology and cell line experimentation.