Kim Pickering

Kim Pickering

Job Title

Associate Professor, Engineering


Kim has been with the University of Waikato since 1994. Inspired by the materials and processes involved in nature, her vision is increased sustainability, where the use of bio-derived materials and utilising more sustainable processes is common practice

One of her greatest achievements was related to recyclable composites using biomaterials and bioprocesses. Her group grew and processed hemp fibre in a way that produced the best mechanical properties. Recently Kim has been working on a number of things including aligned natural fibre composites, hybrid natural fibres using a combination of harakeke and hemp, feather composites, synthetic self-healing composites and smart materials.

Her goals include improving the mechanical properties of composites with aligned natural fibres and creating a self-healing composite that is truly self-healing.

Kim enjoys seeing her research applied and has had a number of commercially orientated interactions including:

  • Improving the properties of petroleum storage vessels of Nuplex
  • Quick repair of aircraft for Air New Zealand
  • Working with natural fibre composites for Hemptech
  • Rotational moulding reinforced composite materials for ITS Ltd
  • Modelling/Predicting Composite Failure
  • Composite Processing
  • Repair of composite structures
  • Chemical stability of composite materials
  • Natural fibre composites
  • Composite damping - using magnetic and viscous mechanisms