Lindsey White

Lindsey White

Job Title

Head of School Interprofessional Health Studies


Dr. White's research interests are in seaweed utilisation, both by humans and by marine herbivores. In terms of human seaweed utilisation, he is interested in seaweed farming and in understanding and limiting the environmental impacts of seaweed farming. To examine plant-herbivore interactions he has employed a nutritional ecology perspective, entailing a synthesis of information about both the algae (e.g. abundance, nutritional composition) and the herbivore (e.g. diet choice, digestive physiology). Dr White is currently using this approach to examine the plant-herbivore interactions between several species of New Zealand's marine herbivorous fish and the species of algae that make up a significant portion of the fishes diet. Note that until 2009, Dr. White was publishing under the surname "Zemke-White".


Seaweed utilisation, seaweed farming, nutritional ecology.