Philippa Smith

Philippa Smith

Job Title

Research Manager


Philippa's research interests are mainly in the areas of media, communications, identity and discourse analysis (predominantly critical discourse analysis). She is particularly interested in investigating discourses through the analysis of texts whether television programmes, political speeches and documents, news articles, websites or online discussions. Theoretical approaches she has applied include argumentation theory and social constructionism. Philippa has been involved in a number of research projects at AUT including the NZ Television Violence Project (2003), and the bro’Town Research Project (2005-2006). In addition she has been a member of the World Internet Project team since 2007 that surveys New Zealander's biennially about their Internet use as part of a cross-country comparison.


culture, discourse, communication, internet, cyberspace, media, television programmes, political speeches, news articles, online discussions, argumentation theory, social constructionism, World Internet Project