Robert Keyzers

Robert Keyzers

Job Title

Lecturer, Chemistry


My group carries out bio-prospecting to find new pharmaceutical lead compounds for medical applications. We collect marine organisms from around New Zealand and in the wider Pacific region and use solvents to make crude extracts which contain a multitude of compounds. Extracts are subjected to evaluation in a variety of biological screens and those with positive activities are iteratively purified to isolate the active principles. Pure compounds are then identified using multiple chemical and spectroscopic techniques. We also study the compounds important to the flavour of wine. The flavours and aromas of a table wine are derived from both the grape juice and the yeast that effects the fermentation to an alcoholic beverage. We are involved in several projects relating to both the identification and origin of various volatile compounds in grapes and wine which contribute to the overall sensory properties of the final product. This will lead to an understanding of how their presence can be manipulated during the wine-making process, in order to optimise desirable sensory characteristics in the final product.

  • Principles of chemistry
  • Structure and spectroscopy
  • Organic chemistry