Stephen Reay

Stephen Reay

Job Title

Head of Department - Industrial Design and Innovation; Senior Lecturer


Stephen has a background in biology and ecology and worked as a research scientist for several years. Stephen joined the Department of Industrial Design and Innovation at AUT University in 2010, and am currently acting HOD. Stephen's research interest lies in exploring the potential benefits of collaboration between science and design, with a strong interest in research for sustainability. In particular, Stephen believes that design and innovation for sustainability should not be successfully undertaken in the absence of an understanding of ecology and intimate knowledge of ecological systems. A main focus of Stephen's research is to explore the interaction of products and the environment, with a specific focus to investigate the role of both products and design to have a positive impact on biodiversity and conservation. Stephen is also interested in research to develop a better understanding of how communities, society and the wider environment relate and interact, and how design may be used to positively enhance these interactions to help develop more sustainable futures.

  • Health + Wellbeing
  • Design and Innovation for Sustainability
  • Art + Design for Ecology