Vic Arcus

Vic Arcus

Job Title

Associate Professor


Vic has been with the University of Waikato for 5 years having spent 8 years prior to that at Auckland University. Having gained a BSc and MSc in organic chemistry at Waikato University, Vic went on to be awarded the Prince of Wales scholarship to the University of Cambridge where he completed a PhD in molecular biology in 1995. He then went on to become a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. It is important to him to help develop the next generation of scientists and ensure the on-going creation of new knowledge.

One of his aims is to find out how Tuberculosis controls its growth. Vic also hopes to expand the enzyme research, marrying up the industrial enzymes with the ancient enzymes. He has already developed a functional billion year old enzyme and has completed some very successful mycobacterium toxin/antitoxin research.

Vic has worked closely with WaikatoLink resulting in the development of spin-out company Obodies, whose technologies will occupy part of the monoclonal antibody market, in addition to creating new markets through the ability to utilise OBodies in situations where traditional antibodies are unsuitable (for example, where heat stability is required).

  • How mycobacterium control their growth with particular interest in Tuberculosis, Ancient enzymes, and Industrial enzymes for Biofuels