Existing DXA analysis distinguishes materials using X rays based on density (atomic weights) and, at higher atomic numbers, electron shells. Therefore materials with similar atomic weights are not readily discriminated and image processing is required to discriminate materials based on shape. Using this new 3GX technology using a non-multivariate analysis method and multiple energy levels, materials of similar chemical composition and/or molecular weights are able to be discriminated spectrally, even against complex and confounding backgrounds. The technology operates using a system including a transmitter and receiver mechanism including one or more transmitting and receiving antennae and a signal processing means capable of calculating the attenuation of the transmitted signal. The method works by irradiating a target with a plurality of electromagnetic radiation signals of differing frequencies in both microwave/UHF and RF spectra, receiving an attenuated signal transmitted through the target, and calculating the attenuation of the transmitted signal with the signal processing means.


AgResearch is seeking a partner or licensee for the technology to help develop the technology for market. Ideal partners would be companies having a strong electronic manufacturing capability.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Able to accurately detect 'target' materials amongst a background of similar material having similar composition in a non-invasive fashion.
  • Applicable in situations where it is useful to determine and identify contaminants in processed materials or unwanted materials in, say, luggage, i.e., food processing, airport security.
IP Strategy

Protected by patent.

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built