The product is a modified zeolite that has been developed to absorb and retain nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. The Scion technology takes the already highly absorbent zeolite and modifies it using a benign polymer that markedly enhances its ability to absorb both nitrogen and phosphorus. The product can be applied to the surface of water where it mops up phosphorus as it sinks before settling on the bottom and acting as a sediment cap locking in nutrients.


Looking to identify end users who want to use the product.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Reduces N and P levels in water
  • Can reduce the incidence of algal blooms
  • Benign and non-reactive apart from with nutrients
  • Able to be applied to large scale fresh water sources such as eutrophic lakes
  • Used wherever nutrient levels in water are an issue. Can be used in broadcast or flow-through applications
IP Strategy

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Project Status

Product on the market