Blossom Bless

Blossom Bless

The product is a biocontrol agent developed by PFR for the prevention of fireblight. Fireblight is a bacterial disease of apples and pears caused by Erwinia amylovora (Burr.) that is difficult to predict and manage and can destroy an established orchard within one season. Primary infections cause blossom drop and immediate yield losses; secondary infections cause more systemic damage which necessitates removal of entire trees. Chemical control of fire blight is mostly limited to the use of heavy metals or antibiotics; both types of compounds have disadvantages. In addition, these control tactics cannot be used in organic production, and only a limited manner in IPM systems.


Gathering evidence for the support the European registration and licencing of the product.

  • Alternative to antibiotics such as streptomycin which have been used to control fireblight in the past.
  • Alternative to copper based treatments for fireblight.
IP Strategy

Blossom Bless IP is owned exclusively by PFR. Blossom Bless is one of the few products worldwide registered for fireblight control.

Project Status

Product on the market