Blue Ray Cytometer

Blue Ray Cytometer

Using lasers to count and identify cells has been around for decades but the technology is characterised by being large and expensive. While blue lasers were historically expensive these have now been made incredibly cheap with the advances and mass production due to the emergence of blue ray disk players. Now it is possible to source these parts cheaply and manufacture an ultra low cost cytometer that could even be used in the field as a hand held device.


Research or commercial collaboration partners are being sought.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • An ultra low cost cytometer device for lab or field use
  • Field use such as automated somatic cell counting in dairying, algal cell counting in water supplies, counting spoilage organisms, field blood cell counts, pollen analysis.
IP Strategy

Provisional patent and knowhow required to implement

Project Status

Proof of Principle - Laboratory demonstration of principle only