Building integrated solar energy systems

Building integrated solar energy systems

This exciting new technology merges solar energy capture systems with common roofing materials. The technology forms the foundation for one of WaikatoLink's seed companies, Solenza. Solenza are currently developing three separate solar roofing panel designs to carry out the following functions: - Solar hot water generation - Combined solar hot water and electricity generation As green energy solutions become more popular, it will be important for solar panels to complement the design of a building. Solenza's building-integrated solar panels are designed to join seamlessly with metal roofing, producing an aesthetically-pleasing finish to any roof.


WaikatoLink is seeking investment and partnerships with industry to take its product to market.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • A building-integrated alternative to unsightly "bolt-on" solar panels
  • Simultaneous electricity and water heating outputs
  • Increased electrical performance due to cooling of PV cells
  • industrial, commercial or residential renewable energy installations.
IP Strategy

The patent family is in the National Phase. The New Zealand patent is granted and sealed with effect from 19 April 2006. Additional patents are in the international stage.

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built