Chronoptics 3D Ranged Imaging

Chronoptics 3D Ranged Imaging

Time of Flight technology has recently become a hot space with the launch of the first 3D gesture recognition applications. The technology works by projecting light on to a scene then measuring the time it takes for the light waves to return. With this data a 3D scene can be reconstructed in real time.


WaikatoLink is in collaboration with some of the world's leading companies in this space. However there are opportunities for the Chronoptics team to apply these emerging and cheap 3D imaging technologies to a range novel commercial applications for which further collaboration is sought

Unique Selling Propositions
  • World class expertise in 3D image acquisition and processing and intimate knowledge of the most advanced technologies in this area
  • Industrial Automation, Medical Imaging, Horticulture and Agriculture, Automotive, Robotics, Metrology, Security, 3D Facial recognition.
IP Strategy

Licence or sale of IP rights. Several provisional and granted patents relating to core time of flight technology solutions exist.

Project Status

Product ready for early adoption