Conditioning NZ Shortfin Eels

Conditioning NZ Shortfin Eels

AUTEL has developed an aquaculture protocol, specifically tailored to the New Zealand Shortfin Eel (Anguilla australis), aimed at increasing the fat content to levels desired by Japanese eel consumers. International eel markets, particularly Japan, are in crisis. Dwindling native eel populations are fuelling an unprecedented supply constraint. Retail eel prices in Japan keep increasing, fast becoming too expensive for end consumers. Historically, NZ eel exporters have not managed to gain traction in Japan., because of the low body fat concentration (<10%) of the NZ shortfin eel.


AUT are looking for potential commercial partners to introduce to its licensee.

Unique Selling Propositions

AUTEL's eel conditioning protocol can be used to reliably increase the fat content of the wild-caught NZ shortfin eel to market desirable levels in less than four months.


The fattening of New Zealand shortfin eels for consumption in international markets

IP Strategy

Trade secrets and know how.

Project Status

Product ready for early adoption