Controlled Degrading Bioplastics

Controlled Degrading Bioplastics

Scion has developed approaches to formulating thermoplastics based on bio-derived materials that allows for customised degradation rates. This can be achieved by the addition of biomass and other additives to the plastic during its manufacture. The technology can be used with existing manufacturing technologies. The biomass that can be utilised can be from a wide range of sources.


Scion is seeking licensees for its existing range of bio-plastic formulations and for companies in need of customised bio-plastics with specific degradation characteristics to work with Scion to develop customised products.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Marketing advantage as a sustainably derived material and potentially can be composted at home
  • Can reduce manufacturing carbon footprint
  • Plastic can be designed to degrade in a certain time for specific purposes
  • Food packaging and consumer wrappings where biodegradability would add advantage
  • Multiple applications whereever plastics are used
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