Crinkle Finish Wool

Crinkle Finish Wool

The technology is a new way to produce a desired crinkle finish in wool or wool rich fabrics. It can be implemented dying or after the dying process and utilises a combination of mechanical and aqueous processes using processing equipment that already exists in most processing plants.


AgResearch is looking for an industry partner to license the technology for further development. Ideally AgResearch could be used under contract to help transfer the technology and in the product development phase

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Fits into an existing process, produces a novel crinkle finish to wool fabrics, the crinkle finish is permanent and withstands washing and ironing, provides extra stretch characteristics in the fabric due to the pre creased effect.
  • For application in existing wool processing plants.
IP Strategy

Protected as Trade Secrets

Project Status

Proof of Principle - Laboratory demonstration of principle only