The technology involves using an absorbent label for storing a biological sample, where the sampling label has one face which has an absorbent area impregnated with a DNA stabilising material and an adhesive area, the other face of which covers and protects the sampling area. The overall technology also covers collecting a biological sample on the absorbent area, applying the sampling strip containing the biological sample to the label so that the absorbent area is enveloped between the outer face of the strip and the substrate, marking the substrate and/or the sampling strip to identify the source of the biological sample, and storing the combined marked substrate/strip. The technology was originally developed as part of a meat traceability system where samples could be stored in case samples needed to be traced back to point of origin.


AgResearch is looking for companies who want a simple method of sampling biological fluids and who are interested in either using the existing technology or developing up a new application of the technology.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Simple and easy to use as the method used does not take a solid sample, the material is stabilized so does not need freezing or special storage facilities. As the material is stored on a paper based label the storage is easy and does not require significant space.
  • Can be used to store any biological fluid requiring later interrogation or validation, can be used as part of more complex traceability system.
IP Strategy

Protected by patent.

Project Status

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