Food QSM™

Food QSM™

FoodQSM™ combines information on microbial population distributions with temperature information along the supply chain to provide up-to-date estimates of product spoilage and remaining product storage or shelf life. FoodQSM™ also enables decision makers to analyse the potential impact on storage or shelf life of subsequent supply chain scenarios, enabling more informed decisions to be made in advance with reduced risk of at-market rejection due to spoilage. Live numbers are gathered at key points along the supply chain then crunched with existing mathematical models of microbial growth to give producers real time indication of the relative risk of spoilage, to form the basis for instant decisions - right when it can make a difference.


AgResearch is looking for licensing partners for the technology interested in implementing the technology.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • The data helps inform new options like changing a shipping arrangement to buy some time, selling the product to a lower return market or running it out frozen rather than chilled. FoodQSM™ information gleaned as far down the chain as the shipment's end can even help diagnose problems back at the plant.
  • Decision support tool for estimating and managing the shelf life of perishable chilled meat products that can be degraded by microbial growth
IP Strategy

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Project Status

Proof of Principle - Laboratory demonstration of principle only