Fresh Cut produce

Fresh Cut produce

This technology was developed to preserve the flavour, texture and appearance of fresh cut fruit and vegetables, while maintaining low microbial levels. The method uses UV, heat and ascorbic acid dip to preserve fresh cut apples for the consumer/food industry. Our total plate count (studies) have shown apples treated with our method to have significantly lower levels of microbes than that treated with conventional methods, which is heat and or ascorbic acid treatments. Our licensee has developed, patented and licensed machinery equipment appropriate for applying UV and heat to fresh cut fruit or vegetables in an even manner. Fruit or vegetables sliced and treated using our technology can be sold to consumers or to the food/catering industry such as in snack pack as a healthy snack in the supermarket or as sliced fruit and vegetables for use in the catering/food industry.


Companies who are interested in using this technology should contact us or Fresh Appeal directly for a license. Master Licenses in some territories and fields are still available.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Fruit and vegetables treated with our patented method have significantly lower microbial counts/levels and extended shelf life
  • Heat with UV treatment provides a good means to preserve the flavour and texture of fresh cut fruit and vegetables
  • Food
  • Horticulture
IP Strategy

Patent applications in National Phase: granted in NZ, US, Canada and Japan; filed in Australia and Europe.

Project Status

Proven product looking for alternative applications