GeoSense is a vertically integrated provider of environmental monitoring systems and decision support systems for agriculture, with an offerings of nodes and sensors, mesh networks and data aggregation. Having installed real-time monitoring stations for microclimate, water, soil and plant health variables in around 45 locations in over eight continents, Professor Philip Sallis and his team at the AUT Geoinformatics Research Centre have developed and refined this system. The system has been proven to be a reliable source of information for supporting daily decision making in the vineyard and on the orchard. This has involved custom improvements to off-the-shelf sensors and calibration tools to increase sensor robustness, sensitivity and accuracy, as well as improvements to wireless network components and optimisation systems for power management.


AUT Enterprises is looking to position GeoSense within a supply chain of partners that will enable it to deliver prediction reports without having to install and manage hardware remotely.

Unique Selling Propositions

The GeoSense prediction service model could generate up to 5 day prediction reports for selected crop types in selected regions which would realise on farm yield management benefits of up to 20% at a cost less than $30/acre per annum. This technology could help processors affordably and effectively manage their growers to ensure they meet or even exceed their precontracted supply volumes.


GeoSense could establish a viable business model, potentially as a specialist provider of prediction services and systems for horticultural clients growing high value crops like grapes and berries.

IP Strategy

Source code, trade secrets and know hows.

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built