Hand-held 3D scene scanning technology

Hand-held 3D scene scanning technology

A hand-held 3D scene scanning technology which can be used for generating 3D photo-realistic representations or 3D computer models of static objects or environments over wide areas (1 to 40m) - both indoors and outdoors. Also relates to an associated position and orientation system.


Callaghan Innovation has completed development to a laboratory stage prototype able to be deployed in field situations. However, Callaghan Innovation seeks an investor to complete the project to market readiness and global marketing, distribution and sales through a technology transfer deal.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • More complete scans: overcoming occlusions
  • Registered digital images
  • Hand-held mobility
  • Speed: fast to deploy and scan, with less post-processing of data
  • Photorealism
  • Optical 6DOF positioning
  • Forensics and archiving
  • Heritage and artefacts
  • Refitting and as-built scanning
  • Computer gaming, videos, movies and education
  • Others e.g. rapid scans for Armed Forces
IP Strategy

US patent to be granted from application 12/066,108. Extensive know-how (trade secrets) developed (especially algorithms)

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built