KiwiFirm Prototypes

KiwiFirm Prototypes

Kiwifirm measures the deceleration of a tiny hammer that impacts the surface of the fruit via a small non-bruising and non-penetrating tip. An in-built processor records the resulting collision, analyses the waveform and displays a value on a digital display. The data displayed may give individual readings or some degree of fruit or sample averaging. The technology has the opportunity to be developed for other applications outside of kiwifruit.


Prototype development and assessment of alternative applications.

Unique Selling Propositions

Easy to use, sensor output can be connected to data acquisition and analysis programmes already present in many labs.


Kiwifirm is a small, hand-held, self-contained device that is robust and simple to use. In its current form it is suitable for use in the field, laboratory and cool-store by researchers. It is suggested that it can be manufactured more cheaply and sold for use by packhouse and cool-store operators, wholesalers and retailers. Kiwifirm has in the past been used successfully by HortResearch, IRL, Crop & Food, Massey University, the Department of Primary Industries South Australia and the Malaysian Agricultural Research Development Institute. These organisations have used it to assess ripeness and maturity of a range of fruits including: buttercup squash, tomatoes, apricots, pears, mangosteen and nectarines. For many fruit industries in NZ the lack of a device such as Kiwifirm has prevented the adoption of firmness quality standards. Indirectly Kiwifirm can contribute significantly to revenue from export returns for New Zealand produce, through the optimisation of quality standards.

IP Strategy

IP owned by PFR.

Project Status

Product ready for early adoption