Wool and animal fibre cleaning tends to takes place in large commercial volumes. Typically, craft/niche operators process small and individual lots via ad hoc and labour intensive methods. This technology meets the demand from the emerging number of niche and specialist fibre producers and small companies seeking to participate along the value chain. The machine is a small scale machine for batch processing of animal and other fibres. The complete technology package includes high pressure squeeze and dryer units and the option of partial automation.


AgResearch is looking for companies who have an interest in manufacturing, marketing and or selling the machines outside of the US.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • This technology will allow individual growers, collections of growers who produce small volume of specialist/niche fibres or emerging niche market companies and community organisations seeking to develop niche/specialist and traceable products to scour their own product. This would allow them to move along the value chain from simple raw material producer.
  • Small scouring plants set up to service small and niche markets.
IP Strategy

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Project Status

Product on the market