MDF Dryer Model

MDF Dryer Model

This is a computer simulation model that predicts fibre moisture content within the MDF process and energy usage for drying. Energy consumption in MDF production is a significant component in the overall manufacturing cost and the model can help optimise processing conditions to minimise drying energy. This model is developed based on a detailed knowledge of each stage of the process and fundamental fibre-moisture relationships.


Scion is seeking a commercial partner for the existing technology or a development partner to work with Scion to look at new applications

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Able to be used to train plant operators
  • Allows for better process control
  • As the model can operate in real time, it has the potential to reduce the amount of out-of-specification material produced.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency of the process
  • Feed forward process control applications in MDF production
  • Off line process optimisation
  • Could envisage similar models having application in energy intensive food processing
IP Strategy

Know-how and unique algorithms

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built