Mixed Pixel Restoration

Mixed Pixel Restoration

Mixed pixels are errors that can occur around the edges of objects in range image captures. These errors are caused by scattering and interference of multiple light sources. The occurrence of mixed pixels can negatively affect the accuracy of depth data and the overall quality of the image. The Mixed Pixel Restoration technique is a method for improving the quality of range image captures by reducing errors and distortions caused by multi-path interference.


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Unique Selling Propositions
  • Improves accuracy of image captures by removing errors and distortions caused by multi-path and scattering interference.
  • Removes incorrect depth measurements and sharpens object edges in image captures.
  • Metrology, where accuracy is important.
  • Image captures in scenes with high contrast objects, where scattering interference is common.
  • Object recognition, where definitive object edges are important.
IP Strategy

Patent pending.

Project Status

Product ready for early adoption