New application for Lurem technology

New application for Lurem technology

Lurem is a pest management tool used for the monitoring of thrips pest species. The monitoring information derived is used to make pest management decisions. The tool is based on patented thrips behaviour modifying compounds, formulated in a dispenser and used in combination with a sticky trap.


Validation of a prototype for the new Lurem monitoring tool. Exploration of pathway to market.

Unique Selling Propositions
  1. Growers in new territories
  2. Growers already using LuremTR in different times of the season

The new tool to be developed, will be suitable for monitoring of thrips in alternative territories. Once demonstrated, this will also open up the opportunity for licensing and commercialization in to new territories. Once a monitoring tool has been developed that is suitable for alternative terretories, the next step will be to take this proven technology to develop a control tool for thrips in these terretories. The market demand for a control tool is significantly greater than for monitoring alone.

IP Strategy

IP owned by PFR , some components protected by patent.

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built