New high value fruit drinks

New high value fruit drinks

Plant & Food Research (PFR) has the knowledge and expertise to assist NZ beverage companies develop super premium, fresh-tasting, innovative functional beverages which are shelf-stable and appealing to the export market. The business opportunity is the development of a new super premium juice sector. This will look to grow the current export juice industry from a supplier of commodity juice concentrates (currently at NZ$56.9M) to high value ready-to-drink functional beverages. Premium juice sells at over twice the price of standard juice, and super premium juice can command a 50% higher price compared to premium juice (New Nutrition Business).


Development of a novel premium juice sector.

Unique Selling Propositions

The market for super premium juice beverages is growing at double digits and approaching US$2B in revenue. There are no exports of super premium juice beverages from NZ.

Most premium juice on the market which claim functional benefits do not have substantiated wellness claims. They are pasteurised, resulting in a limited shelf-life, or is made with concentrates which affects the taste and nutrient profile.


Functional beverages with approved health and wellness claims and long shelf-life suitable for export

IP Strategy

PFR has an understanding of the FTO regarding the methods used to develop the products. Specific FTO and IP analysis not yet completed.

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built