Non-wood Plant Fibre reinforced Bioplastic

Non-wood Plant Fibre reinforced Bioplastic

Bio-based plastics that incorporates natural fibres. The technology allows for the natural fibre to be infused into the bio-plastic pellets prior to manufacture. The whole manufacturing process utilises a range of proprietary processes to produce a range of materials. The materials can be customised to deliver individual characteristics and functionalities.


The Biopolymer Network is looking for high end users interested in using the products developed.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Uses predominantly green technologies.
  • End product is compostable under the right conditions.
  • Able to customise end products to meet end user specifications, including translucency, texture, flexibility, level of heat resistance and other functionality.
  • Process utilises native New Zealand fibre which is sustainably harvested while the products so produced can be used for a wide range of uses such as furniture/design, wall tiles etc.
IP Strategy

Protected as trade secrets.

Project Status

Product on the market