Antibody drugs and diagnostics have changed the face of modern medicine, yet their high development costs, complex manufacturing processes and relatively poor stability restrict their potential. OBodies are a new class of high-specificity binding protein with several important advantages over the conventional antibody approach. OBodies' novel platform technology is based on a small, ubiquitous protein domain, the OB-domain. In nature, the OB-domain has evolved as a highly flexible binding domain, found in a wide variety of functional roles. We are able to exploit this natural flexibility, by selecting a candidate domain from the appropriate organism and engineering high target specificity and affinity. Proprietary libraries based on human and thermophillic bacterial OB-domains are under development for human therapeutics and diagnostics, respectively.


WaikatoLink is seeking investment and partnerships with industry to further develop the technology and take to market.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Broad range of applications due to small size
  • High stability meaning Obodies don't require refrigeration like antibodies do
  • Significantly smaller than traditional antibodies and antibody fragments
  • Research tools
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Medical therapeutics
Project Status

Proof of Principle - Laboratory demonstration of principle only