Resonant Clocking

Resonant Clocking

Resonant Clocking is an on-chip configuration for range imaging sensors that has greater power efficiency than conventional configurations. The proposed circuit significantly reduces the power consumption of the sensor, with the following having been successfully proven in the lab: - 90% power saving off-chip - 50% power saving simulated on-chip This technology has the potential to facilitate the introduction of advanced portable range image cameras in formats such as mobile phones and laptops.


WaikatoLink is currently seeking expressions of interest in licensing or purchasing our range imaging technologies.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved measurement linearity
  • Improved sensor performance
  • Extended battery life in portable devices
  • Introduction of range imaging cameras where low power consumption is critical, for example, in USB/battery powered cameras, mobile phone cameras, laptop cameras and hand-held 3D scanners.
  • Development of range imaging sensors with improved precision.
IP Strategy

Patent pending

Project Status

Product ready for early adoption