Self Cleaning Homogeniser

Self Cleaning Homogeniser

The homogeniser includes a housing, a drive mechanism located within the housing and a cutting blade attached to the drive mechanism. At least part of the drive mechanism is reversibly movable within the housing such that the cutting blade can located within the body of the instrument or moved automatically such that the blade at least partially projects outside the housing and thereby facilitates cleaning of the housing.


AgResearch is looking for licensing opportunities for this technology.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • The homogeniser is self-cleaning reducing the time taken between processing samples, the instrument is designed to be incorporated into other automated systems.
  • Use in small scale laboratory based sample preparation such as research labs, specialist testing laboratories or could be incorporated in other fully or partially automated processing instruments.
IP Strategy

The instrument is protected by patent.

Project Status

Proof of Concept - Early prototype built