A controlled release composition suitable for administration to an animal, comprising biodegradable microparticles comprising vitamin B12 incorporated in a polymeric matrix, compriseing an aliphatic polyester such as a polyactide, a polyglycolide or a copolymer of lactic acid and glycolic acids and polycaprolactone and copolymers with lactic or glycolic acids, wherein the amount of vitamin B12 released from the composition is such that at least 0.33ug-1.25ug vitamin B12 per kg liveweight per bay is released over at least 50 days. The technology has also been used for the development of formulations capable of delivering selenium, selenium and vitamin B12 as well as iodine.


AgResearch is looking for companies interested in using the underlying technology/capability to develop new long lasting or slow release formulations for animal or potentially human applications.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Allows for the single administration of the material provides for slow release of the active material. This removes the needs for repeated animal handling.
  • Animal health, animal nutrition human health.
IP Strategy

Several patents families exist that cover this technology platform.

Project Status

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