Species Selective Rodenticide

Species Selective Rodenticide

A number of available toxicants are effective in controlling rats, but almost all are non-specific and have associated risks of non-target poisoning (children, domestic pets, wildlife, livestock). Landcare Research have developed novel rodenticides that specifically target rats, while remaining harmless to other rodents and mammals. The action of the toxicant has delayed onset overcoming bait shyness encountered with other toxins.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • The rodenticides developed by Landcare Research have significant advantage over conventional products, due to their selectivity, that dramatically lowers risk to other mammals.
  • Currently, there are no efficacious toxicants on the market that are species selective.
  • This technology has the potential to displace all currently used rodenticides targeting domestic rats, as well as providing an opening into new markets addressing food security (no risk to humans) and food industry needs.

The technology has been developed to be used with offshore aquaculture systems but could be applicable to any use in marine or freshwater environments where weather and/or wave action is an issue or where it is desirable to be able to set a system in place and not have to check it regularly. Other potential applications would be in offshore drilling and mooring systems.

Project Status

Proof of Principle - Laboratory demonstration of principle only