The technology provides for the ability to use a centralised calibration for a number of remote spectrophotometers. This rather than having to calibrate each one of a set of spectrophotometers, and perhaps provide each of the spectrophotometers with expensive data processing capabilities, the data from each of the remote spectrophotometers, together with a unique spectrophotometer identification signal, is transmitted to the central processor. At the central processor the spectrophotometer from which the data originates is identified from the identification signal and the data is processed in accordance with the calibration of the spectrophotometer applied at the central processor.


AgResearch is looking for companies who are interested in developing remote sampling systems using a centralised calibration system and who may wish to license in the AgResearch technology or similarly instrument manufactures who wish to provide their spectrophotometers with a unique selling proposition

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Removes the need to calibrate and re calibrate each spectrophotometer this system allows for only one centralised processor. This may allow for the redesign of spectrophotometers as they would no longer need to have expensive data processing capabilities potentially making them more amenable to hand held applications for remote sampling
  • Could be used by labs/service providers who want to provide rapid in field sampling and advice based services in areas such as: on farm testing, food testing, ingredient or component testing in a manufacturing environment.
IP Strategy

Protected by patent application

Project Status

Proof of Principle - Laboratory demonstration of principle only