Spray Freeze Dryer

Spray Freeze Dryer

Currently freeze drying can require a 22-24 hours drying cycle, and must be loaded and unloaded by hand. Both these factors can inhibit large-scale producers looking to push out more product. This technology relates to a dryer and a drying process developed to enhance efficiency in the freeze drying process. In particular, though not solely, this technology relates to a dryer for use in freezing, concentrating or drying a liquid substance which has some solid material in suspension or a substance dissolved in another liquid. This new technique dramatically reduces processing times and can be used as a continuous process thereby increasing throughput and efficiency.


AgResearch is looking for companies looking for new technologies for spray freeze drying of bulk liquid materials.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • The new technology increases efficiency of the spray freeze drying process, it allows for continuous flow processing and hence higher throughput. The higher throughput allows for more material to be dried in the same time as conventional machines.
  • Can be used in any situation where spray freeze drying is used or where large volumes of material in a liquid phase needs to be dried, i.e. milk, coffee etc.
IP Strategy

Protected by patent.

Project Status

Product ready for early adoption