Stroke Riskometer

Stroke Riskometer

The Stroke Riskometer Lite is a mobile application for assessing one's individual risk of a stroke. The Stroke Riskometer is able to evaluate risk factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle and health factors that directly influence your risk of a stroke in the next five or ten years. The Stroke Riskometer Pro is an extended version of the Lite version, provides an option to: "save and track" results, view expert videos and internationally recognised stroke guidelines on managing the risk factors to reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack. The algorithm used for Stroke Riskometer has been developed through over two decades of clinical and academic experience of the researcher. The Stroke Riskometer has been endorsed by the World Stroke Organization.


Sell the app directly to consumers through app stores and explore opportunities to license the algorithm to third parties for their use under their own brand (e.g hospitals, gyms, health and wellness clinics).

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Endorsed by the World Stroke Organization.
  • The algorithm for stroke risk assessment has been developed through 20 years of academic and clinical experience, and validated through neurologists and stroke experts.
  • Allows the users to assess, monitor and manage their stroke risk through smart phones.

Assessing and managing the risk of stroke.

IP Strategy

Trade secrets, trade mark and know hows.

Project Status

Proven product looking for alternative applications